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The Damned Rebel Bitches took their name from that given to them, derisively, by the Duke of Cumberland during the Jacobite Rebellion. It is also the title of a book on the same subject by Maggie Craig.
Two members of that group have joined Fayre for Women and we felt we would like to learn more about  the DRBs, which  is also under the auspices of ALP. Earlier in the month we had a talk by Jon Busby about The Welcoming.

                                                                   WORTHY OF GREATER RECOGNITION

The DRBs have achieved many interesting things through research which they published. In noting that the monuments throughout Edinburgh seem to be only of men, they decided to explore Edinburgh graveyards for evidence of women whose lives had been only scantily recorded and who were worthy of greater recognition. The group in its research liaised with schools and held an exhibition to which parents, children and teachers came. Some recent research was about the Suffragette movement and the struggle of women to achieve universal franchise. 
We were inspired by the hard work and diligent research of the DRBs We felt long-term projects were less appealing to us but we could bring material to share, and discuss ideas in the form of mini-projects. The idea of bringing information to collate together was something we would like to pursue; also,  looking at famous women – which to some degree we had done with talks by our own members; about such as Ethel McDonald, Simone Weil and Elsie Inglis. 

                                                                                  LIVING HISTORY

We also, in recognition of ourselves making living history, thought a session on recounting childhood experiences would be interesting. We really enjoyed the DRB talk and, as the future of that group seems uncertain, to carry over some of the flavour of their activities may serve to keep their vision alive.


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